If you’ve had sexual intercourse and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, we encourage you to make an appointment: missed period, sore tender breasts, moodiness or more emotional than normal, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, change in appetite, frequent urination.

Once you have a confirmed pregnancy, you have three legal options to consider: parenting, adoption and abortion. Finding out you are pregnant can cause a wide-range of emotions, so we encourage you to talk to a family member or friend you trust. Our staff is more than willing to discuss your options with you and those you choose to include in your decision-making process. No one should be pressured into making a decision about their pregnancy. We want to provide a safe place for you to make the healthiest decision possible.

Medically, infections are called diseases when they begin to cause symptoms, which is why many people use both STI and STD when discussing sexual health. However, it is common for people to use the term STD when there are no signs of the infection.

Under IL law, a minor may give consent to a STI or pregnancy test without the permission of a parent or guardian. (410 ILCS 210/4). Because STI and pregnancy testing often lead to a range of feelings and questions worth considering, we encourage all of our clients to talk to a family member or friend that they trust. You may bring someone with you to an appointment, for support, if you choose.

While the services performed in a yearly check-up vary by physician, most physicians will not screen for STIs unless requested to do so. Please ask your physician for more information about what testing they routinely offer during your appointment. Remember that the Centers for Disease Control recommend screening any time you have had new or multiple sex partners.

Yes! We recognize that an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming for the man involved. We have men who want to walk this journey with you. You do not have to figure out how to do this alone. Services for men include; STI Testing, Parenting Classes, Material Assistance, Mentoring, and Community Resources.